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Thief Caught On CCTV Stuffing Python Into His Pants During Pet Shop Raid
Published: January 17, 2017 | | 188 Clicks |
The suspect was spotted on camera stealing the black pastel bull python estimated to be worth $160 ($200) from a pet shop in Portland, US.

Man Used Remote Control Device To Cover License Plate At Tolls
Published: January 17, 2017 | | 183 Clicks |
A man who was using a device to temporarily cover his license plate as he went through the E-Pass lane so he wouldn't have to pay tolls was arrested Wednesday, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.

Former Deputy Sentenced To Prison For Trafficking 178 lbs. Of Meth
Published: January 17, 2017 | | 161 Clicks |
Fishtail man who admitted he transported 178 pounds of methamphetamine into Montana in a major drug smuggling operation was recently sentenced to more than five years in federal prison.

Unclothed Driver Leads State Police On High-Speed Chase
Published: January 16, 2017 | | 334 Clicks |
A 48-year-old woman who was driving naked has been taken to a hospital for observation after leading police on a high-speed chase through two mid-Michigan counties.

"Bad Day" Leads Woman To Smash SUV Into T-Mobile Store
Published: January 15, 2017 | | 416 Clicks |
Police were called to a T-mobile outlet in Palm Springs, Florida on Friday after reports that an SUV had smashed through the front window of the store and the driver had begun assaulting staff members.

Bernie Madoff Manipulated The Market For Hot Cocoa Mix At His Prison
Published: January 15, 2017 | | 350 Clicks |
Even behind bars, Bernie Madoff is still the master of monopolizing people's money.

Boy, 12, Tires To Rob Girl For Chicken Nuggets At Gunpoint
Published: January 14, 2017 | | 511 Clicks |
A 12-year-old boy armed with a gun tried to rob his classmate of her chicken nuggets at an East Harlem subway station Tuesday, police say.

They Went Fishing For Mail - Now They've Been Caught
Published: January 14, 2017 | | 421 Clicks |
Duct tape, water bottles, fishing line and wire hangers may sound like the stuff for a child's craft project.

2 Girls Face Charges After Trespassing Joliet Prison, 1 Was Trapped Inside
Published: January 13, 2017 | | 498 Clicks |
The old Joliet Correctional Center has been closed for 15 years, but authorities said that did not stop two teenage girls from going inside Monday, resulting in one of them trapped.

Uber Driver Used Rider's Credit Card To Buy Viagra
Published: January 13, 2017 | | 535 Clicks |
An Uber driver from New Haven was arrested Jan. 9 in connection with allegations he tried to use a rider's credit card to buy $519 worth of Viagra.

Woman Arrested After Throwing Hot Coffee In Deputy's Face
Published: January 13, 2017 | | 455 Clicks |
A Kentucky woman accused of using a cup of scalding hot coffee to attack a Gallatin County deputy is behind bars after the latest in a series of bizarre crimes.

Unclothed Man Accused Of Home Break-In Just Wanted "Sesame Seeds For His Hamburger"
Published: January 12, 2017 | | 620 Clicks |
A Largo resident woke up Jan. 5 to find a naked man inhis kitchen, police said.

Thieves Fetch 36,000 Lbs. Of Dog Food; Investigators Hungry For Leads
Published: January 12, 2017 | | 508 Clicks |
A large dog food theft has investigators hungry for leads.

Great-Gran, 79, Who Shoplifts "Because She's Bored" Convicted For 39th Time
Published: January 12, 2017 | | 571 Clicks |
June Humphreys, 79, also notched up 39 convictions because she wanted "to get out of Crewe".

Man Gets $128 Ticket For Heating Up Car In Own Driveway
Published: January 11, 2017 | | 664 Clicks |
Did you know you could get fined for heating up your car?

Man Arrested For Setting Underwear On Fire In Tallahassee Starbucks
Published: January 11, 2017 | | 694 Clicks |
A man has been arrested for setting his underwear on fire in a Starbucks bathroom.

Man Shoots At Wife And Daughter Over Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Published: January 10, 2017 | | 709 Clicks |
He must have been really cheesed off.

Wanted Man Dresses As "Where's Waldo" to Turn Himself In
Published: January 10, 2017 | | 662 Clicks |
A man sought by British police taunted law enforcement with a series of Where's Waldo? themed Facebook posts before turning himself in while dressed as the character.

Man Shoots Self In The Head While Handcuffed Inside Cop Car After Police Arrest Him For Shoplifting
Published: January 10, 2017 | | 642 Clicks |
A man arrested for shoplifting at a Texas mall shot himself in the head while handcuffed inside a cop car, police said.

Beer-Drinking Woman Launches SUV Into River, Keeps Drinking Cops Say
Published: January 09, 2017 | | 756 Clicks |
Police pulled into a York Haven boat launch Monday afternoon behind a woman, looking to arrest her for fleeing from them.

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Police Blotter

Police are investigating two incidents involving a male exposing himself on the Neumann College campus. The first incident occurred Jan. 22, about 2:45 p.m., in a stairwell. A female student said she encountered a white male in his mid-20s who was exposing himself. A second incident was reported about 3 p.m. Feb. 11. The male was described as white, between 20 and 30 years old, about 180 pounds with short brown hair and wearing large frame glasses, faded brown bomber jacket and a blue shirt.

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Glen Campbell

Arizona authorities arrested country singer Glen Campbell for drunk driving and hit and run in November 2003 after the 67-year-old performer ran his BMW into another car at a Phoenix intersection. Although Campbell left the scene of the accident, authorities found him at his home nearby. The police report states that officers smelled alcohol on the singer's breath and noted that he looked drunk. Campbell was booked into a Maricopa County jail, where he kneed a sergeant in the thigh, receiving an additional aggravated assault on a police officer charge. In May 2004, the country star pleaded guilty to extreme DUI and leaving the scene of an accident, for which he served 10 nights in jail in July 2004.

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