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World's Greatest Dad
I'm Hiding From The ...
For A Good Time Inse...
Half Man - Half Hors...
I Shaved My Balls Fo...
I Quit The Band... N...
Let's Flip A Coin...
Overly Caucasian
I Love Hot Moms
Wish You Were Here
I'm Probably Lying
FBI - Female Body In...
I Give Blood What Do...
I'll Drink To That
Silent But Deady
Beer Me
Nobody's Perfect
Types Of Boobs
Show Me The Money Ho...
Buy This Dad A Beer
Do I Look Like I Car...
Got Jesus
For Rent By The Hour
I Am The Law!
I'm A Virgin But Thi...
Born To Be Bad
Things Not To Say To...
Dept. Of Mental Heal...
Rest Assured... No O...
Keep Away From My Bo...
I'm Rich James Bitch
Thank You For Not Sm...
Don't Hate The Playe...
You've Got To Be Iri...
Spank Me... It's My ...
What Have You Done F...
I Am Hip
You'll Never Get It!
Just Chillin'
Look At Me Now, Have...

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Police Blotter

A Shorewood resident told police that her mother had entered her home and fed her cat while she was away. She wanted her mother charged with a crime.

Celebrity Mug Shot Of The Day

Hugh Grant

British import Hugh Grant was arrested in June 1995 in Hollywood, California by police who allegedly "caught him in the act" with hooker Divine Brown. After pleading guilty to a misdemeanor lewd conduct charge, the actor paid his mandatory fines and served two years probation. Forty-seven-year-old Grant was arrested again in April 2007 on charges of assault with a tub of baked beans. A photographer, while hunting for pics of Grant's ex-girlfriend Liz Hurley in their West London neighborhood, alleged that Grant physically attacked him and threw beans at him. The charges were later dismissed by the police.

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Funny Mugshots
These crooks went down in style!


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