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Joe Frazier
Published: June 21, 2007 | | 32893 Clicks
In February 2004, 60-year-old Joe Frazier was charged with simple assault and reckless endangerment in Philadelphia. Reports indicate that the former heavyweight champion's victim was the 44-year-old mother of one of his sons.



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Police Blotter

When Detective Merrill Beene asked Ivy Carterlia Vaughn if she had any drugs on her, she replied by allegedly digging out a crack pipe and a crack rock from her bra and placing the items on the police car. Beene charged her with possession of drug paraphe

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Tommy Lee

North Carolina authorities charged Tommy Lee with assault and inciting a riot with ethnic animosity during a concert in October 1999. In March 2000, the Motley Crue drummer pleaded no contest to simple assault; he received 18 months probation.

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