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Joe Frazier
Published: June 21, 2007 | | 32986 Clicks
In February 2004, 60-year-old Joe Frazier was charged with simple assault and reckless endangerment in Philadelphia. Reports indicate that the former heavyweight champion's victim was the 44-year-old mother of one of his sons.



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A shoplifter tried to make off with 21 sticks of deodorant from the Rite Aid pharmacy on Broadway, Tuesday August 3, 2007. Police were called to the store around 6:30 p.m. and found the pharmacy security guard with 19-year-old Shaheem Wright of Smith S

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Andy Dick

Andy Dick is arrested for two counts of felony sexual abuse, nearly two years after pleading guilty to misdemeanor battery. Comedian Andy Dick has been arrested for two counts of felony sexual abuse, while still on probation from his infamous 2008 arrest for pulling down a teen girl's top.

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