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Matthew McConaughey
Published: June 22, 2007 | | 53200 Clicks
Actor and heartthrob Matthew McConaughey was arrested in Austin, Texas in October 1999 after a noise complaint made by a neighbor. Police arrived to find McConaughey, one month shy of his thirtieth birthday, having his own good time while playing drums and dancing naked. Charges of possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia were later dropped, and McConaughey paid a $50 fine for violating the town noise ordinance.



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A woman claimed her lover broke her finger. However, it was known that her finger had been broken in an unrelated incident and he wasn't charged. Both parties were intoxicated and counseled by deputies.

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Wynonna Judd

Nashville, Tennessee, authorities were making a routine traffic stop when they detected the smell of booze on country singer Wynonna Judd in November 2003. The 39-year-old musician, whose watery eyes were dilated, blew a .175 on the consensual Breathalyzer test - more than twice the legal limit. She was charged with drunk driving.

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