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Woman "Just Out Of Rehab" Had Open 12-Pack Of Beer, Child In Car
Published: February 20, 2018 | | 1068 Clicks |
A Florida woman was arrested on Thursday after deputies said she drove intoxicated with a child sitting above an open case of beer tucked in the back seat.

Why A Mining Giant Allowed The Man Who Stole $200K Of Its Gold The Chance To Say Sorry
Published: February 18, 2018 | | 2979 Clicks |
When Joseph Cresp confessed to walking out of the Sunrise Dam gold mine with more than $200,000 worth of gold in his pocket, mine owner AngloGold Ashanti faced an interesting choice.

Pilot Forced Too Make Emergency Landing After Fight Breaks Out When Passenger Refused To Stop FARTING
Published: February 17, 2018 | | 4284 Clicks |
A pilot was forced to make an emergency landing after a fight broke-out when a passenger wouldn't stop FARTING.

Caught: Man Pays Isabella Court Bill With Fake Cash
Published: February 17, 2018 | | 4376 Clicks |
Passing fake cash is risky. Doing so at the courthouse is riskier yet.

Woman Arrested In Connection With Fatal Shooting
Published: February 17, 2018 | | 4298 Clicks |
Marc Devoe, a Peabody construction worker, was on his lunch break from a project at the future Thorndike Exchange when he realized another driver that he may have cut off was following him, according to a police report.

Bungling Burglar Is Knocked Out By A Flying Brick That Was Thrown By His Own Accomplice
Published: February 16, 2018 | | 5683 Clicks |
This is the hilarious moment a bungling burglar knocked out his accomplice by throwing a flying brick at his head.

Drunk Woman Shows Up To Her Public Drunkenness Hearing, Held On DUI Warrant
Published: February 16, 2018 | | 5625 Clicks |
Showing up to court under the influence is bad, especially when accused of public drunkenness and with a pending case for driving under the influence.

Man Charged With Murder After Accidentally Texting Detective
Published: February 16, 2018 | | 5514 Clicks |
A Florida man is charged with murder after telling authorities he meant to text his wife about the death of his live-in girlfriend, but nervously messaged a detective instead.

Kim Zolciak Buys Bulletproof Backpacks For Her Kids After Parkland Florida School Shooting
Published: February 15, 2018 | | 5577 Clicks |
"It's better than not having anything at all," she added. "Just thought I would share with you guys. I just found this first on Amazon so I bought it. It's certified."

US Immigrant Face Deportation After Reporting Prowler To Police
Published: February 14, 2018 | | 7170 Clicks |
An undocumented immigrant who called police to report a burglary was himself arrested, while the suspect was allowed to go free.

Woman Pooped In Cul-De-Sac 3 Times In A Month
Published: February 14, 2018 | | 7422 Clicks |
A Connecticut woman was arrested after she pooped in her cul-de-sac three times in a month, according to authorites and court documents.

Bungling Teddy Bear Thieves Foiled By Red Light, Fast Witnesses
Published: February 14, 2018 | | 7592 Clicks |
A pair of bungling thieves who attempted to snatch massive teddy bears from a roadside vendor in Arizona were foiled by a red light and some helpful witnesses.

Flight To NYC Diverted After Drunk Woman Tosses Food, "Flirtatiously" Touches Passenger's Head
Published: February 13, 2018 | | 8429 Clicks |
A New York City-bound JetBlue flight had to be diverted to Washington, D.C., last summer when an apparently drunk woman "flirtatiously" touched a fellow passenger's head, cursed at others on the plane, threw snacks, busted out of handcuffs and cried that "nobody loves her," according to court documents.

A Star Employee At Juvenile Lockup Confesses To Misconduct
Published: February 13, 2018 | | 8556 Clicks |
Symon Gooding had been on the fast track at the Department of Juvenile Justice, having been promoted twice in as many years.

Detective Demoted After He's Caught Texting His Friend About Drinking On The Job
Published: February 12, 2018 | | 9698 Clicks |
An NYPD Narcotics detective is in hot water for sending an old buddy a sophomoric, and potentially racist, series of texts about drinking on the job while he was in the middle of a buy and bust operation - not knowing investigators had put a wiretap on his pal's phone, the Daily News has learned.

#Carpool Lane Cheater Had Mannequin Passenger
Published: February 12, 2018 | | 9573 Clicks |
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said a traffic officer ticketed a van driver caught using the carpool lanes with a mannequin passenger.

Car Thief Calls Owner For Help In Starting Vehicle
Published: February 10, 2018 | | 11633 Clicks |
A thief who had trouble restarting the car he had just stolen actually called the vehicle's owner for help.

Fake Homeowners Association Files Real Liens On Northland Neighborhood After Fake Bills Go Unpaid
Published: February 10, 2018 | | 11689 Clicks |
For years, people living in a quiet neighborhood in the Northland ignored the invoices that arrived in their mail demanding payment to a homeowners association.

Sheriff's Deputy Fired After Arrest For Robbing A North Carolina Bank
Published: February 08, 2018 | | 13621 Clicks |
A Davidson County Sheriff's Deputy has been fired after allegedly robbing a bank in Rowan County on Tuesday, according to Davidson County Sheriff David Grice.

Infamous Thief In $1Million NYC Gold Bucket Heist Tells Of Dramatic Escape From Country
Published: February 08, 2018 | | 13622 Clicks |
It was broad daylight in midtown Manhattan when Julio Nivelo spied the prime opportunity of his decades-long career in crime - the Super Bowl, as he called it, of get-rich-quick heists.

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A Family complained that a policeman broke wind in their London home during a drug raid and failed to apologize.

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