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Can Being Too Fat Keep You Out Of Prison?
Published: October 19, 2017 | | 5968 Clicks
Fat lives matter, is the argument one lawyer is making to keep his 273-pound client out of prison.

In the latest turn of a tax scheme case that has taken more than four years to prosecute, attorney Curtis Fallgatter in a court filing Monday wrote that it would be unjust to make his obese, 5-foot-9 client Stephen Donaldson Sr., 72, serve six years and four months in prison because his life expectancy is lower than the average man's.

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Police Blotter

Two Cabbage Patch dolls, one Chatty Cathy and three other dolls, along with a storage box, were reported missing after a padlock was cut in the basement storage area of a Fisher Road apartment complex.

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Edward Furlong

Former kid-celebrity Edward Furlong was arrested in Kentucky in September 2004 on charges of public intoxication. Furlong and company allegedly arrived at a local grocery store in a rowdy manner and started to snatch lobsters from the store's tank. When police tried to search him, he put his hands up in the air and started to turn around in circles. Furlong was in custody only a handful of hours before posting bail and being released.

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