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Illegal Video Shoot Gets Shot Up, Closed Down
Published: June 12, 2017 | | 485 Clicks
A video shoot on Detroit's west side on Saturday night ended in the arrests of its participants after police arrived and fired shots, believing they were breaking up an armed robbery.

At 7 p.m. Saturday, in the area of West McNichols and the Southfield Freeway, police responded to a 911 call of a reported robbery, conducted out of a black Jeep with no doors.

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A man walked out of a Military Road bowling alley with a full glass of beer and proceeded to walk home. Police stopped him, only to find that the glass wasn't filled with beer, but a fluid of similar color.

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Tim Allen

The infamous Tim "the Tool Man" Allen was arrested and charged with drunk driving in May 1997 in Bloomfield Township, Michigan. Police say that he nearly fell over and couldn't count during a sobriety test. His sentence included a fine and mandatory counseling. But Allen is no stranger to the law-he was arrested in October 1978 in Detroit, Michigan for his part in a small drug dealing ring, charges for which he received a reduced sentence after "turning state's evidence" and ratting out his colleagues.

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