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Man To Pa. Judge: "I'm Just Going to Have To Get My .44 Magnum"
Published: February 03, 2018 | | 12701 Clicks
What's that old saying about someone representing himself in court having a fool for a client?

The cliche may have been proven true as a 71-year-old man was arguing against a summary harassment charge before a district judge Wednesday in Luzerne County, the Times Leader reports.

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Police Blotter

A woman in California called police to report that an intruder broke into her home and added pornography to her computer.

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Edward Furlong

Former kid-celebrity Edward Furlong was arrested in Kentucky in September 2004 on charges of public intoxication. Furlong and company allegedly arrived at a local grocery store in a rowdy manner and started to snatch lobsters from the store's tank. When police tried to search him, he put his hands up in the air and started to turn around in circles. Furlong was in custody only a handful of hours before posting bail and being released.

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